Anti Gravity Yoga

My friend tried Anti Gravity Yoga in Beyond Yoga (Il Terazo Branch) and she recommended it to me. It got my interest when I see the pictures and got the chance to try it when there was a deal in DealDozen that is relatively cheap already. Php 1000 for 3 sessions as opposed to the Php 500/600 per session.

I have invited 2 of my office mates to try it with me. When they said yes, we set the date and went for the first time. Anti Gravity Yoga involves a sheet of clothing (same texture as silk, not entirely sure if it is silk though but ill refer to it as silk hehe) that is tied in a hammock which can support a baby elephant.


As we went through the session, the instructor told us to trust the silk and the hammock. We did the basic stances of yoga and a little bit of intermediate. She even taught us on how to go upside down safely. At first, my body restricted to relax because being upside down, my blood goes through my head and there’s a chance to fall down.

But then, I realized that sometimes, I can’t control things so I have to let it go and enjoy what I have right now. After that realization, my body relaxed and it was a nice feeling. I have let go of the stress felt at ease with my current position.

And this goes with life too. Sometimes, we have to let go of control, trust God (silk), and know that our family and friends(hammock) will support us in any way that they can.



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