The BABY Project

We have a required forum session in our office that talks about our fears in life and how to try to deal with it. So far, I have attended 3 sessions already (1 more to go!). One of the things that I have relearned during these session is to try to improve for the better. One of the quotes that was shared in our session is “Be a better you”.

In lieu of this, I have decided that due to a lot of situations that I have encountered and due to slacking off a lot for the past years, I have deteriorate.  As I have reflected more, I realize that it is not really my environment that I caused this. Instead, it is how I reacted at things. My optimistic view of things slowly transformed into pessimism. I see my tasks as hindrance instead of challenges that I will surpass. Most importantly, I have become unhappy with that I am doing. All of these happened gradually due to stress.

And so, after attending the 3rd session of our forum, I have decided that it is time to be serious about my development — not as an employee, but as a person. It is time to change for the better. As such, I have created the BABY (Be A Better You) project.

Just like a baby, I should be able to take experience as something new with a positive attitude and eagerness to learn. I should be better in handling my time and to face life with less fears especially on my fear of change and what if.

Wish me luck! 🙂


Anti Gravity Yoga

My friend tried Anti Gravity Yoga in Beyond Yoga (Il Terazo Branch) and she recommended it to me. It got my interest when I see the pictures and got the chance to try it when there was a deal in DealDozen that is relatively cheap already. Php 1000 for 3 sessions as opposed to the Php 500/600 per session.

I have invited 2 of my office mates to try it with me. When they said yes, we set the date and went for the first time. Anti Gravity Yoga involves a sheet of clothing (same texture as silk, not entirely sure if it is silk though but ill refer to it as silk hehe) that is tied in a hammock which can support a baby elephant.


As we went through the session, the instructor told us to trust the silk and the hammock. We did the basic stances of yoga and a little bit of intermediate. She even taught us on how to go upside down safely. At first, my body restricted to relax because being upside down, my blood goes through my head and there’s a chance to fall down.

But then, I realized that sometimes, I can’t control things so I have to let it go and enjoy what I have right now. After that realization, my body relaxed and it was a nice feeling. I have let go of the stress felt at ease with my current position.

And this goes with life too. Sometimes, we have to let go of control, trust God (silk), and know that our family and friends(hammock) will support us in any way that they can.


Monsters University

I want to study here. It will be cool to go there. Haha Pixar made a website for the promotion of Monster University. This is a prequel of Monsters, Inc. I was a little bit disappointed that they made a prequel after hearing some rumors that they were planning to do a part 2 of Monsters Inc wherein Boo is already grown up and has a child. Boo works in a toy company and made a Sully stuff toy. Her child went to the Monsters world and Boo went in and recall the past that was meant to be erased in her memory.

However, this movie is all about Mike and Sully’s days before they became professional monsters. Here is the trailer of the movie. I am looking forward to this movie 🙂 I hope it lives to my expectation! 😀


I was able to enjoy September despite some of the problems that I have encountered this month mostly at work.

Mind Museum

I was able to go to Mind Museum with my friends. In this museum, they explained on how Earth came to be and how Aurora is produced. Hopefully, I wish I would be able to see it someday. I’ll put it in my things-to-do.


*This photo is taken from Wikipedia.

We also had fun taking pictures with our shadows in one of the booth that they have. I haven’t uploaded it in Facebook though and my friends are waiting for those pictures hahaha.

Maroon 5

The highlight of my September is watching Maroon 5 concert. It was really worth it. It’s the best concert I have seen so far. They have a lot of energy in stage. They sang one song after the other. The crowd was really excited and sang to almost every song. It was my first time to see Araneta Colliseum fully booked. Even the stairs were full of people.

Baking Croissant

My friend once told me that making a croissant is difficult. It stick my mind and I had the ambition to create one someday. Finally, I was able to bake it with my sister after 3 days of hard work. Although it is not perfect, I think that it was a good one for a first timer.


Looking forward for more adventures and blessings. 🙂

Just what I needed

I had a spur-of-the-moment meeting with my friends last night. It was fun. We were just having fun, laughing with each other, arguing things that are not important. I miss those days… The care free days 🙂 I’m glad that I’ve got a chance to have that time again and to spend it with them. This is just what I needed right now. 🙂 Thank you! And looking forward for more to come!

Ondoy Part 2

The rain for the past few days almost poured nonstop. I guess people were both shocked and terrified of what happened because of our experience in Ondoy and this is just a “Habagat”. As what one of the funny professors in Ateneo said, Habagat stands for Hindi Ako Bagyo. Akyo’s Gust At Thunderstorms lamang. 

A lot of people were stranded and a lot of homes were swallowed by the floods all over the metro. It is like an Ondoy Part 2 but this time, it is worse. But what I admired in this country is its positive attitude towards the chaos and Bayanihan.

Even if there are a lot of flooded area, people are still able to find humor on it. There are men who literally dive and pretend that the flood is a big swimming pool. Announcement from Manila Mayor Lim was made into a lot of memes regarding the suspension of work and class.

On the serious side of it, a lot of people are really concerned and are using social media to ask for help and monitor the weather and its casualties. There are a lot of NGOs who stepped up and created relief operations. I wish I didn’t have work during these days so that I could help too.

And on these events, do I find the hope in this country.